Client Work: Woods Magic Splash Screen


Here’s the most recent splash screen I’ve done for my client Brian’s fantasy VN.  I’m pretty excited to show this one off!  Again, no details about the story context to avoid spoilers.  😉


Client Work: Illustration for DARKWEIRD


It’s a little ways past the book’s release, so I can show this off now!   This is an illustration I did for Matthew Davis’ new novel DARKWEIRD.  I love doing horror!  Check out the book with my art as well as work by several other rad artists over here:

Owl-Woman Oracle: Temperance Card


This is it!  All the card illustrations for Owl-Woman Oracle are complete now!  My next steps are to finish up writing the readings and plug everything into the code.  Aiming to pull this all together and release by the end of the year, then I’ll look into getting physical decks printed.

Client work: Mage War


The first of several splash screens I’ll be creating for my client Brian’s fantasy visual novel!  This one appears during some exposition about a war between healing mages and necromancers that took place before the events of the game.