Client Work: Royal Procession


Finished the next splash screen for my client Brian’s visual novel!  This is another one that depicts past events.  Here we’ve got the main character’s father, the king, when he was younger being adored by his people.


Client work: Mage War


The first of several splash screens I’ll be creating for my client Brian’s fantasy visual novel!  This one appears during some exposition about a war between healing mages and necromancers that took place before the events of the game.

Live2D first attempt!


I’m in the process of learning the animation program Live2D for a future project, and this is the result of me testing the waters.  Overall, I’m really pleased with what I’m able to do with Live2D.  It’s not the most intuitive interface, but once I was able to wrap my head around the basic workflow, it was pretty quick and easy to produce this short gif.

(She’s heavily inspired by the work of stop-motion master Kihachiro Kawamoto, by the way.)

Client Work: Town background


My most recent background illustration for my client Brian’s fantasy visual novel.  The residents of the rustic little town outside the city walls like to decorate the tree in the town square with bells and scraps of fabric.