NSFW Vampires

My most recent personal piece contains some sexual content and blood, so I’ve put it under a “Read more” link…

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Client Work: Town background


My most recent background illustration for my client Brian’s fantasy visual novel.  The residents of the rustic little town outside the city walls like to decorate the tree in the town square with bells and scraps of fabric.

Client Work: City Square background


Another background for my client Brian’s fantasy visual novel!  His only stipulations were that it depict a public area in the city and have the castle visible somewhere in the distance, so I opted for a fountain square.  I had some fun with the fountain’s statuary – I like to imagine it was constructed to honor some achievement of one of the current king’s predecessors or something.

By the way, I’m attending GDC this week, so if you see me and would like some cool stickers with my art on them, stop and say hi!


Client Work: Castle storeroom background


I finished a new background for my client Brian’s visual novel this week – an unremarkable storeroom somewhere deep in the castle.

Herbs hanging up to dry are probably some of my favorite fantasy setting props to add to backgrounds.  They’re an easy way to add some color and texture to a scene.  They make sense in a lot of different environments too – storerooms, kitchens, apothecaries, healers’ and mages’ laboratories…