Bartender Game Prototype

So I spent this past March and early April putting together a prototype/art test of sorts for a bartender game set in Weimar-era Berlin.  I absolutely love games like VA-11 Hall-A and Coffee Talk, so I wanted to try my hand at coding up my own drink mixing system.

You can download the prototype and try it out on here:

Since releasing the basic prototype, I’ve also been experimenting with adding sprite animation.  This YouTube video is the results of my messing around with Ren’Py’s video sprites feature.


Another Live2D test!


I’m back to playing around with Live2D’s Cubism animation software.  This is part of the masked ball scene from a GxG version of Phantom of the Opera that exists only in my head for the time being.

“Beneath your dancing feet are the tombs of tortured men – thus does the Red Death rebuke your merriment!”

Live2D first attempt!


I’m in the process of learning the animation program Live2D for a future project, and this is the result of me testing the waters.  Overall, I’m really pleased with what I’m able to do with Live2D.  It’s not the most intuitive interface, but once I was able to wrap my head around the basic workflow, it was pretty quick and easy to produce this short gif.

(She’s heavily inspired by the work of stop-motion master Kihachiro Kawamoto, by the way.)