Winter 2022, looking ahead to 2023

Happy New Year, all! First off, I’d like to share my last few personal works of 2022.

I finally completed the main sprite for Erika, AKA the Phantom, for my Phantom of the Opera visual novel adaptation. I had a lot of fun researching late-Victorian mourning gowns for her costume. At one point, I was really into the idea of having a veil attached to her hat, but I nixed it for practical reasons. It would have obscured her facial expressions too much and been difficult to deal with in Live2D animation.

This piece I knocked out relatively quickly during the time I had off for the holidays. It’s inspired by a lot of the reading I’ve been doing lately about medieval women mystics and “female homoeroticism” (for lack of a better term) in the Middle Ages.

I have several goals/activities planned for 2023. Starting in late January, I’ll be taking a short course on graphic novels. I love sequential art, and I’m really interested in creating some – so this is me taking the plunge. I also, of course, am going to keep working on my visual novel project, now titled Beneath the Opera House. There are only two more basic character sprites to go before I have art for the complete cast. I’m looking into commissioning a couple of short original tracks for the soundtrack as well. A Phantom of the Opera story has to have good music!

Long-Overdue Update

Apologies for the radio silence over here! I’ve been really distracted since I started new full-time job late in the year while also keeping up with a couple of freelance contracts. I continue, however, to still be hard at work on my personal VN project. I’ve completed one new sprite since the last update and also started another one.

A well-respected, long-time opera house employee

Sketching facial expressions for him!

Ballerinas Sprite

I’m very excited to show off the first completed sprite for an as-yet-unannounced visual novel I’m working on. These gals are some minor characters who appear in the first scene. I plan to give them a simple idle animation using Live2D soon.

Follow @UlalariaGames on Twitter for updates on the game!

Bartender Game Prototype

So I spent this past March and early April putting together a prototype/art test of sorts for a bartender game set in Weimar-era Berlin.  I absolutely love games like VA-11 Hall-A and Coffee Talk, so I wanted to try my hand at coding up my own drink mixing system.

You can download the prototype and try it out on here:

Since releasing the basic prototype, I’ve also been experimenting with adding sprite animation.  This YouTube video is the results of my messing around with Ren’Py’s video sprites feature.