Owl-Woman Oracle: Strength card


A new Owl-Woman Oracle card illustration as promised!  Completing the Strength card means I only have 6 more cards to go before the majors-only deck is finished!  After that, my tasks will be finishing up the writing and building the UI.

In case I haven’t mentioned this here before: Several people have expressed interest in a print deck, so I’m researching custom playing card printing services.  I will likely do a limited run of 10-20 decks to start.  Anyone who purchases a deck will receive a free download key for the Owl-Woman Oracle game on itch.io.

Owl-Woman Oracle: The Star


A new card illustration for my in-progress solo project “Owl-Woman Oracle” is done!

Owl-Woman Oracle is, for lack of a better term, a tarot reading simulator made with the Ren’Py engine.  A number of other pieces I’ve created for OWO are currently on display on my illustration portfolio page – including Justice, the Empress, and the Sun, as well as a mock-up of the main interface.