Client Work: Friendly Royalty


I completed another splash screen for my client Brian’s fantasy VN this week!  It’s nice to see bro and sis getting along.  🙂


Another Live2D test!


I’m back to playing around with Live2D’s Cubism animation software.  This is part of the masked ball scene from a GxG version of Phantom of the Opera that exists only in my head for the time being.

“Beneath your dancing feet are the tombs of tortured men – thus does the Red Death rebuke your merriment!”

Weeping Magdalene


I’ve been poking at this personal piece for a couple months now, and I finally had a chance to finish it this morning.  This actually may or may not be used in my next game dev project?  We’ll see….

OWO UI work

It’s been awhile since I posted about Owl-Woman Oracle here, but it’s still underway and on track to release by the end of the year!  Today, I worked on various UI things.  Above are some example of text box colors I’m trying out!



Just popping in to formally announce that I’ll be contributing an illustration to MONOCEROS – a zine/art book about the darker aspects of the unicorn mythos!  Above is a work-in-progress preview of my piece.  Pre-orders will open in Spring 2019, so keep an eye out!